Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bareback Alchemy: Great Minds One (Jeffreys on Bradbury)

Great Minds One (Jeffreys on Bradbury): Something Wicked (and Wondrous) This Way Comes

I am truly honored in being the first entry in Melissa Studdard's wonderful new blog series Great Minds. Such a marvelous concept for a blog theme. I look forward, in earnest, to reading all the next posts there at Bareback Alchemy.

Dust-jacket art by Gray Foy from the first edition  Simon & Schuster, 1962 

"Today I’d like to introduce you to “Great Minds,” a new blog post series on Bareback Alchemy. At inspired, irregular intervals, I’ll share guest posts in which writers, artists, and intellectuals make tributes to others who have influenced their work. Of course, the title is a play on the phrase, “Great minds think alike,” but I’m looking to bring you heart, soul, and inspiration too."

"I’m honored now to present the first post, an homage by R Jeffreys for Ray Bradbury. Enjoy!" 

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The essay on the incomparable Ray Bradbury has just been reprinted by the wonderful publication and community at Tiferet Journal. My sincerest thank you to Tiferet Journal publisher, Donna Baier Stein and Editor-in-Chief, Diane Bonavist for this great honor. If you are not already a subscribed member of the outstanding Tiferet Journal community, you must, my friends!

Also, a huge thank you to the marvelous, Mellissa Studdard for honoring me, by having this essay as the 1st entry in the "Great Minds" series at her excellent blog, "Bareback Alchemy."