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William Kenower

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Editor-in-Chief of Author magazine,  lecturer and writer 

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My esteemed guest is the Editor-in-Chief of Author magazine, a writer, and a lecturer, William Kenower.  Bill and I will be discussing the writing process and the just released compilation book of his most excellent essays written for Author magazine, Write Within Yourself: An Author's Companion

In Bill's own words, "Whether it's fiction or non-fiction, interviewing or speaking to groups, I am always interested in the intersection of creativity and everyday life. Everyone is the author of their own life; some of us write that life with a pen."

Please join us for a lively talk on what we love about the craft of writing!

This a reprint of Bill Kenower's essay Four Reasons,” from his recently released book “Write Within Yourself: An Author's Companion,” which he so graciously shared with me and my audience during our interview. 

Four Reasons

I don’t think writing is intrinsically hard. I understand that people find it hard all the time, as have I, but there are always reasons for this, and by my count, usually one of four:

1. You don’t actually want to write. Maybe the idea of being a writer appeals to you intellectually, but the writing itself brings you little actual pleasure. There is no crime in this. There are lots of things in the world to do, and writing is by no means the noblest. Find what you truly love most and do it all you can.

2. You are writing the wrong thing. You think you should write something commercial, but you want to write something literary; or you think you should write something literary, but you would rather write a thriller. Or you are trying to write what you think will please an agent or an editor or your writing group or your mother. You are the only one you need to please, and anything can sell, and people don’t actually know what they like until they see it. In short, everything is on the table, so pick what makes you happiest, what comes the easiest.

3. You are impatient. No matter how disciplined you are, there is no forcing the river. Whether you write two drafts or ten, you have no choice but to allow the work to come at the rate it wants to come. Patience is required not just to see long projects like novels all the way through, but sentence by sentence. Sometimes waiting another thirty seconds for the full idea to bloom can make all the difference. And oddly, I have found that the more patient I am, the more I am willing to wait, the quicker the work comes.

4. You are holding two contradictory ideas. For instance, I want to make a nice living, but nobody reads my kinds of books. I love to write, but the publishing industry is capricious and uncaring. I love to write, but I’m just not talented enough to be published. One idea is going one way, the other idea is going in the exact opposite direction. You in the meantime remain stuck between these competing ideas, convinced they can both be true. Choose what you want to believe and believe only in it, evidence be damned. Evidence, in my experience, changes precisely to align with whatever I believe the most.

You can click here to purchase Write Within Yourself: An Author's Companion on Amazon.

Praise for Write Within Yourself: An Author's Companion

"Bill Kenower writes with great insight about writing, but Write Within Yourself is about far more than the act of putting words on paper.  It is about passion and creativity and knowing yourself, about the joy of chasing plastic bags caught in the wind and the fear of writing something that doesn't feel like you.  Like Brenda Ueland's classic If You Want To Write, this is a book you'll want to keep on your nightstand or desk, always available, ready to inspire you."

—Erica Bauermeister, bestselling author of School of Essential Ingredients.

“Write Within Yourself is not another how-to-write book, thank God, but something much more crucial to writers: a why we write book.  These thoughtful, insightful, and downright lovely essays on writing – and life – show that Bill Kenower gets what it means to be a writer.  This is a book to keep nearby for whenever your writer-spirit needs feeding.”

—Deb Caletti, author of the Honey, Baby, Sweetheart, and He's Gone.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

April Lufriu, Mrs. World 2012, Mrs. America 2011

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April LufriuMrs. World 2012, Mrs. America 2011 
Miss America, 1st. Runner Up
2010 Volunteer of the Year -- Vision Conference award
VisionWalk Tampa Bay Chapter President
National spokesperson for Retinitis Pigmentosa

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My luminary guest is literally one of the world's most beautiful women, April Lufriu, April is the Mrs. America 2011 title holder, and recently crowned Mrs. World 2012. She is the National spokesperson for Retinitis Pigmentosa and the VisionWalk Tampa Bay Chapter President.

I'm joined by the dynamic CW TV host and model Mandy Starling as co-host. Best Selling author of Six Weeks to Yehidah, the Tiferet Talk radio interview show host, Melissa Studdard, produced and moderated this broadcast.

April Lufriu’s will to win both the Mrs. America and Mrs. World crowns was further reinforced by her life changing 2010 diagnosis of Retinitis Pigmentosa. Her two children have also now been diagnosed with (RP), which is a genetic, retinal degenerative eye disease that gradually leads to blindness.

She also made history by being the oldest winner to be crowned in the pageant’s 35 year history. Her motto is “Become What You Believe.”
April and her sister Melissa were pioneers in establishing the Foundation Fighting Blindness Tampa, FL Chapter in 2007. Both sisters co-chaired Tampa’s first VisionWalk in 2008. She has served as the Tampa Bay Chapter President from 2007 to present and was awarded the 2010 Volunteer of the Year at the Vision Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. April’s mission as a mom is to find a cure for (RP). She speaks at numerous events about her journey to becoming Mrs. World and for the foundation she tirelessly advocates and supports. Her goals are to raise awareness and funds for retinal degenerative eye diseases. With her new title as National Spokesperson for the Foundation Fighting Blindness, April is reaching out at the national level to fulfill her mission.

April also operates a successful granite & marble fabrication business "Lufriu Marble, Inc." with her loving husband George.

"The Write Step with R Jeffreys” is an interview based show focused primarily on the lead players in the Arts and Letters.

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Write Step with R Jeffreys -- Talk Radio -- Live!

(on left)
Melissa Studdard Writer, Professor, Editor and Talk Show Host of Tiferet Talk radio, and Best Selling author of the books Six Weeks to Yehi­dah and its companion journal My Yehidah.
(on right)
Donna Baier Stein Writer, Editor, Producer of Tiferet Talk and Publisher of the globally acclaimed literary journal of multi-faith prose, poetry and art: Tiferet: A Journal of Spiritual Literature.

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I am beyond honored and pleased to guest host the Tiferet Talk radio show on September 6th at 7 pm, EST! I will be interviewing Tiferet editor and Tiferet Talk show host (and dear friend) Melissa Studdard, and Donna Baier Stein, the publisher of Tiferet: A Journal of Spiritual Literature, a global community of writers.

We will be discussing the release of the “Tiferet Talk” book: a collection of the first year of Tiferet Talk interviews with some of the most brilliant, creative thinkers, and writers of our times.

"Imagine joining intimate conversations with a brilliant and eclectic group of writers and thinkers who are eager to improve the world. That is what this book invites you to do, and you will savor every word."
Publisher, Tiferet Journal ~ Donna Baier Stein

The Tiferet Talk Interviews book includes a special introduction by publisher, Donna Baier Stein and in-depth interviews with Julia Cameron, Edward Hirsch, Jude Rittenhouse, Marc Allen, Arielle Ford, Robert Pinksy, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Robin Rice, Jeffrey Davis, Floyd Skloot, Anthony Lawlor, and Lois P. Jones.

The Tiferet Talk Interviews is a fascinating collection of twelve interviews transcribed from the Tiferet Talk Radio show, hosted by Melissa Studdard. Some of the world’s most notable writers and spiritual leaders share their thoughts on writing, tolerance, and the world we live in today. Gain incredible insight into their perspective on ways to tell the truth of our lives, access creativity, and balance magic and craft.

Within these pages you will be moved and inspired by the wisdom and creative minds of these literary luminaries, spiritual teachers, internationally published authors, award-winning poets and great thinkers and lecturers.

  You can purchase The Tiferet Talk Interviews book on Amazon! 

Melissa Stud­dard is the author of the best­selling novel Six Weeks to Yehi­dah and the newly released My Yehidah, a companion journal that nurtures emotional intelligence, creativity, and authenticity. Since its August 2011 release, Six Weeks to Yehidah has been the recipient of many accolades, including the Forward National Literature Award and January Magazine's best children's books of 2011. She is also, with Scott Lutz, co-author of For the Love of All, which is the fifth story in the Mark Miller’s One series, and which debuted in the number one spot for Hot New Releases in Literary Criticism and Theory in the Amazon Kindle store. Her poetry, fiction, essays, reviews, and arti­cles have appeared in numer­ous jour­nals and antholo­gies, includ­ing Boule­vard, Con­necti­cut Review, Pleiades, Gradiva, Amer­i­can Book Review, Poets and Writers, and The Smok­ing Poet. She cur­rently serves as a Reviewer-at-Large for The National Poetry Review, an editorial advisor for Lapis Lazuli Journal of The Harold Pinter Society of India, and a con­tribut­ing edi­tor for Tiferet. As well, she is the host of Tiferet’s radio inter­view program, Tiferet Talk, which interviews writers and spiritual and religious leaders. The Tiferet Talk Interviews, a collection of the first year of Tiferet’s interviews, will be released by Tiferet Press this summer. Additionally, Studdard is a professor at a community college in Texas, where she teaches literature, composition, rhetoric, and creative writing, and she is a teaching artist at The Rooster Moans Poetry Cooperative.

Donna Baier Stein's writing has appeared in New York Quarterly, Virginia Quarterly Review, Prairie Schooner and many other journals and anthologies She has received a Fellowship from Johns Hopkins University Writing Seminars, a Scholarship from Bread Loaf Writers Conference, the PEN/New England Discovery Award, Finalist in Iowa Fiction Awards, Honorable Mention in Allen Ginsberg Poetry Awards, four Pushcart nominations, a New Jersey Council for the Arts grant, awards from the Poetry Societies of Virginia and New Hampshire, and more. Her chapbook Sometimes You Sense the Difference was published by Finishing Line Press. Her story collection is forthcoming from Serving House Books. She was a Founding Poetry Editor of Bellevue Literary Review and is Founder and Publisher of TIFERET Journal.